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Amounting to Something

I’ve found that the same question can be answered differently at various times of our lives.

For example, my Dad used to look at me and ask, “Do you think you will ever amount to anything?”

When you’re young, especially in your teens, dads can still occasionally get hold of a good question in spite of their generally regarded ignorance.

Dad had gotten hold of one of those good questions. He asked it with a twinkle in his eye and a tone in his voice that said to me, “I think you will.”

And now, lo these many years later and at a time when I’ve lived past his number of years on earth, his question still lingers… And I’m still working on the “yes” that I’m not sure I ever said aloud to him, a “yes” that still resides quietly in my heart, a “yes” that I’m still trying to make good on.

To say “yes,” thoughtfully, joyously, no matter what a day or life brings to me, does wonders for the soul.

Even during those times when it is whispered through tears.


    My name, Landon, means “from the long hill.” I started my life in the hills of West Virginia. As a boy I kept climbing those long hills so I could see farther. After a lifetime of journeys and many climbs, I can now see much better, see so much more.

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