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Bless These Spaces, My Home

Earlier this morning I walked through each room in my home. I walked through so I could bless each room.

I stood in each, I thought about why I loved the room, why I wanted to bless the room. I made sure to include each closet.

Every room brought memories. I looked in each with careful attention. My heart was very quiet. Thoughts poured into me. Each room became intentionally special as I moved among them. I remembered things I had forgotten, noticed things long unobserved. My eyes were looking, yes; but even more, my heart was looking.

I blessed each room, my heart was flooded with love. With gratitude.

I walked through my house this morning, and I blessed each room.


    My name, Landon, means “from the long hill.” I started my life in the hills of West Virginia. As a boy I kept climbing those long hills so I could see farther. After a lifetime of journeys and many climbs, I can now see much better, see so much more.

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