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My Small Moment

A lot happened before I came into the world. That is a good thing for me to remember!

And a lot will happen after I’m gone from this world. That is another good thing for me to remember.

My life in comparison to the ‘Before I was here’ and the ‘After I was here’ is but an infinitesimally small moment.

And now, as I move through the final bit of that small moment, I can’t help but cry out to Life, cry out to God:

“Please give me wisdom and insight and understanding for how to best spend the time that remains.

“Help me not to feel diminished because of my failures, nor overrate any accomplishment. But help me to honor as a good steward what you have done with me. Open my eyes....”


    My name, Landon, means “from the long hill.” I started my life in the hills of West Virginia. As a boy I kept climbing those long hills so I could see farther. After a lifetime of journeys and many climbs, I can now see much better, see so much more.

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