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Choosing and Re-choosing My Humanity

I’m far more interested in becoming the human being I’m created to be than I am in becoming religious.

My life has at its core a series of choosings and re-choosings of Jesus as the one who I follow in the work of becoming a true human being.

This is my supreme fascination: Jesus as a human being in order to come near us.

We become human in order to come near others who are also struggling to become more human.

I have learned from Jesus how to be human, and in so doing how to be a giving human being, marked by a generosity of heart and soul. Others can detect my giving by how they experience me as a human being.

What matters is whether the melody, the song of grace, is resonating in my heart. If it is, others will sense it as they experience me as a human being.

As Jesus said, “If they receive you they receive me.”


    My name, Landon, means “from the long hill.” I started my life in the hills of West Virginia. As a boy I kept climbing those long hills so I could see farther. After a lifetime of journeys and many climbs, I can now see much better, see so much more.

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