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Landon Saunders

After college I taught school and worked with churches. Then in 1969 I took a year-long journey to work with people in more than eighty countries. I returned to launch a radio program called Heartbeat, which was heard by millions over the NBC, CBS, Mutual, and Armed Forces networks, as well as on hundreds of independent local stations.


Thousands of listeners wrote to tell me their stories and I wanted to meet them face-to-face. To facilitate these meetings, I created special events all across the United States, in Canada, and as far away as Singapore. These events included the Feeling Good About Yourself workshop, which eventually became the Life That Loves to Happen workshop. Other events focused on helping in the aftermath of disasters like Hurricane Andrew and massive job lay-offs, as well as events for business leaders, medical teams, prisoners, and high school and college students.


I continue to serve as the President of Heartbeat, the non-profit organization I began forty-five years ago. I also serve as a Fellow of Caris Life Sciences Foundation and as a Presidential Scholar for Lipscomb University.


After years as a citizen of New York City, I now live on a hill in Vermont populated by herds of deer and wild turkeys, just across the river from Dartmouth College.

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